Wake Me Up in San Francisco

I had an amazing trip to one of my fav cities last weekend – San Francisco, and made it to the DJ Tech Tools, and Thud Rumble offices.  Here’s a few pics:





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Canadian Musician Feature

Canadian Musician Feature

Thank you to Canadian Musician for featuring Sara in your March/April Edition!

Read the article here:


ss canadian musician

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Coming Soon! The Future Prophecy

This fall, I’m launching a collaborative multimedia project called The Future Prophecy.  The project stems from a graphic novel that was written by my sister Melle and I; we’re featured as the story’s leading heroines who are blessed with superpowers.  On our journey, we must learn to use our powers for good, and work together to overcome Bogtown Records, the ruthless villains who have seized control of our beloved city.

Our first intro issue will be out September 2012,

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